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You're Invited To Tea!
Announcing the launch of my children's book "Monsters For Tea"

Monsters For Tea
Join Luna for a bedtime story party like no other. After suffering a terrible nightmare, Luna awakes frightened by the thought of monsters. What follows is a grand tea party at midnight where Luna learns her monster guests are not scary at all but offer courage, comfort and laughter to put her at ease and make sweet dreams come true. The rhythmic text is charming to read aloud and enjoyed by children and grown-ups alike.   Read more.   Available on Amazon & Barnes & Noble.

Invitation Designs

Recent Invitations
Find these designs & more in my Etsy & Zazzle shops. Custom invitations can also be designed to reflect your ideas and capture the spirit of your event.

Pantone Honors Prince With A Unique Purple Hue!

Pantone Prince
Pantone honors Prince with "Love Symbol #2" inspired by his custom-made Yamaha purple piano. The purple color pays tribute to Prince’s iconic mark on music, art, fashion and culture.